Eager to sPrint Copiesee how the first story arc of Flying Under the Influence ends? It will soon be available in print form! Ka-Blam Printing did an amazing job and I got the proof copies for Volumes 1 and 2. Not only are the beautiful print editions but they also include bonus content. For those of you curious why the eighth and twelfth strips have different quality, it’s because originally they were non-sequitur comics. These one shots have been collected as Egghead and are included in Volume 1 as bonus material.

The second proof copy for Memento Mori is being shipped from the printer. It should arrive shortly and will hopefully have all the proper corrections which will make it ready for purchase. Keep coming back for more updates on when all three books will be available. Come back tomorrow for another new strip and check in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for updates.

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